Carole & Gracie Allen & Auto The Cat

Gracie Allen is my photographic muse, my Starbucks companion, my traveling buddy. Just as she decorates my these Pages she decorates the walls of my home - happy looks, smiles, bored looks, "Mon, lets take a walk" looks, "Mom, why's that cat on the bed" looks. She, along with "that cat" Auto, completely commands my heart.

Why Fine Art Pet Photography?

If you are visiting this site animals are as important to you as they are to me. I believe in capturing the spirit of the animal in my lens, his or her own special uniqueness. So I have a very specific Photographic Point of View - my goal is to recreate in an image what you see with both your eyes and your heart. Images of those special gazes of adoration as they look at you; the pure instinctive expression of joy while chasing a squirrel; that unadulterated delight in their play with a buddy; or that jealous look when the cat is on your lap.

Why Lens Puppies Photography?

Animals have always been a part of my life and my family. I have a passion for photography and a passion for animals. This blending of my two passions is the greatest joy in my life. We have these blessed beings too short a time, we enjoy them now and remember them always. I work with you; play with your pet family, and through my lens captures images of their special spirits and personalities. Images of how they command your heart.